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Privacy and Data Handling

At Bicester Counselling, we take your privacy very seriously.


Regarding GDPR, when you submit your details, you are giving your consent for Bicester Counselling Ltd to hold and process your information to provide a service to you. You can withdraw this consent at anytime.

At Bicester Counselling, I will save your email address and your name and contact number on password protected devices for the purposes of arranging appointments. Your data will not be shared with any other person, organisation or third person (The only exception to this would be for the purposes of compliance with a legal obligation or in order to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another person). 


Your records including contract and any session notes and their content are confidential. However as per my code of ethics, I will need to discuss my work with my supervisor, this will be anonymised and I will remove all identifying details about you.


On very rare occasions there may be a need to communicate with other professionals, however this will only happen if you or someone else is in danger and where possible I will first discuss the situation with you.

I may from time to time make some notes during/after each session for record keeping purposes. These records are only for my use and they are securely stored in a locked cabinet, where no other person has access to them.

The possible exceptions to this non-sharing code are:

  • If I am required to do so by a UK court of law

  • If through disclosure I believe you may harm yourself or another person

  • If through disclosure I believe that you or someone you discuss may be in danger


In these circumstances, I will not be able to retain confidentiality and it will be necessary to inform my supervisor and the relevant authority.

Records will be kept for seven years before being destroyed.


I am committed to offering good practice. I am fully insured and my insurance includes personal indemnity and public liability.

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